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Casual Vibe presents an evening with Night Tide and ensemble

Join us from 7 until 11pm for a drink, art by Christophe Mauberqué andBrandon Oxendine, a first listen to new upcoming releases (Albrecht La'brooy - Emissary EP (Night Tide 003) + So Underground It Hurts EP (ensemble005) and more.

Night Tide (AU) is a cross continental label founded by Eluize that stands for beauty in electronic music and international collaboration between sonic and visual artists. 

On the 9th Night Tide will be presenting their latest release, the "Emissary" EP that was created by Melbourne based, Analogue Attic Recordingsfounders Albrecht La'Brooy. The release began with a concept from the artists, who asked for field recordings taken by Eluize from around Berlin. Sounds from the local sonic landscape made their way across the Atlantic to arrive in Albrecht La’brooy’s studio, where they were used as inspiration for the three subtle and deep outings on this record. The photography in the artwork for the release comes from friend of the label Christophe Mauberqué Photography, who will be showing some of his other works on the night. You can listen to the guys gentle view of house in their "music through the otways to" mix for I-D here:

ensemble (BE) is a label run by Belgian DJs Kong & Gratts, which so far has showcased a broad range of sounds from allies such as Xosar, San Soda, Belgian cult jazz band Aksak Maboul and Raw Sketches. The imprint first started as a club night to celebrate togetherness and timeless house sounds. 

The forthcoming "So Underground It Hurts EP" features an ensemble of befriended producers. The release will be out this April.

Event photo by: Christophe Mauberqué
Flyer design by: Brandon Oxendine

Later Event: February 24
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