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Completely Familiar Entirely Artificial Mit Borrás

  • Exgirlfriends 18 Holsteinische Straße Berlin, Berlin, 12161 Germany (map)


Today I decided on the green tracksuit. I’ll run 20 minutes in the gym to workout my glutes, I want them to feel really hard, completely tight. I have worked hard so that my biceps reflect my acquisitive lifestyle. I admit that I feel a certain anxiety to see my pearly cheekbones reflected with the light of my Ipad, my Iphone and all my fucking mobile devices. I fasten the velcro on my trainers and start out on the journey to the space between sublime and beyond sublime. Behind the automatic sliding glass doors, palm trees are waiting for me, along with the air conditioning and green neons, green like my tracksuit. A sexy Japanese woman verifies my membership card for the Tropic-gym. The space has been perfumed with mint in order to cover the smell of our collective sweat.

Exgirlfriend presents its first exhibition, Completely Familiar Entirely Artificial with artist Mit Borrás. Mit Borrás makes protagonists of the different elements our current society uses to transmit ideas of well-being, hygiene, modernity, personal satisfaction and health. The dangerous closeness between the concepts of a) progress and b) technology have surrounded us with devices. We have adopted curious sports routines. Current communication routes have destroyed our more intimate forms of reference, giving way to a universal comparison model, one in which we are all susceptible of being rated and categorized. An obsession with synthetic fabrics, fluorescent colors and protein powder has generated groups of elastic devotees who acquire superpowers when an energy drink rubs their lips. It might seem that the man of the XXI century can cross the cosmos Jumping with his Nike Airs but he inevitably bites the dust.

Text by Rachel Lamot